Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has said in an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu that the current generation of handheld consoles would not be able to handle Super Street Fighter IV, and that the 3DS is the only thing able to handle it.

According to Andriasang, Capcom “looked into PSP and DS, but determined that there wasn’t anything available that could do the game at the level they wanted.” Once the 3DS was brought to the table, however, Ono realised that the 3DS would be able to provide players with the experience he wanted them to have, and that the system’s wireless capability was an attractive prospect.

Ono also assured Famitsu that “The gameplay will be the same as Super Street Fighter IV,” making it clear that no cut will be made to allow for the platform. “They won’t do things like making it so that players can move into and out of the stages, or do anything that will have an effect on competitive play,” say Andriasang.

All 35 charaters and the ultra move system will be in the game, and Ono is hoping to include as many of the modes as will fit on the limited space of the platform.

[Via CVG]