That’s right, six hours with hardly a bathroom break.  While hanging out with the guys at En Masse to talk about the latest news they had recently announced about their highly anticipated true-action MMO TERA, I was alerted to the fact that these two guys had been playing the game non-stop all day.  As the convention was coming to a close, they refused to leave the terminal, so naturally, I interviewed them!!

From this point on, the guy in the blue shall be referred to as Nerd 1, and the guy in black as Nerd 2. While conducting this interview, these guys did not stop playing the game for one second, or even take their eyes off the screen . . . even the guy who wasn’t playing.

DO: Somone told me that there’s been two guys on this console all day, is that you!?

Nerd2:  Haha well, we we’re playing together but they made me move so this kid could get on, so now I’m just watching him play.

Nerd1: But yah, we’ve been here since like 11am

DO: Wow, that’s hardcore . . . so what MMOs have you played before and why are you so into TERA right now?

Nerd1: Well, I played World of Warcraft for years, thats pretty much the only one, and I’m into TERA right now because for PvP and PvE it’s more skill based.

DO: So you mean its not just pressing buttons in a rotation and waiting for cooldowns?

Nerd1: Yah, in WoW I’m basically my friends personal healer.  I heal by pressing a button and spinning in a pretty circle.  Here, I actually have to aim my heals and dodge attacks and get into the battle.

DO:  Interesting, How else is it better than WoW?  I played WoW for almost five years, and only now is it starting to feel old

Nerd1: I still like WoW, but these graphics are amazing, the environment, all the races and classes too, its very well balanced

Nerd 2: Its beautiful, its perfectly rendered

Nerd1: I also like how the PvE monsters follow your every move.  They actually will watch you jump, they try to encircle and flank you, the AI is no joke.  Also, this game takes skill, you can almost solo a boss by yourself if your that good

DO: So the AI is actually proper?  They don’t just path and go through the motions?

Nerd1: Exactly, TERA is skill based while WoW is all about gear and rotation and group comp.  In TERA theres no need for a gearscore and having to get geared.  There’s no way to get carrried by pressing 2 buttons here, you have to get involved and be skillful.  You actually have to get in there, it feels real, your not just going through the motions

DO: Absolutely, I can see you’re really into it (I LoL to myself)

Nerd1: Hell yea, the collision detection is awesome, everything is just awesome, I can’t wait for it to come out

Awesome indeed.  So awesome that I even filmed these guys playing TERA for a few minutes, enjoy.

So, do you agree?  Is TERA the future of MMO’s while games like WoW are the past?  Only time will tell, but no matter what you think, it looks like TERA is the real deal.


  1. Geez guys, it’s for everybody there to get a taste of the game, especially reviewers who can tell hundreds of thousands of people about it. It’s not for you two nerds to hog all day. Is it really worth playing that long on a demo?

  2. Nice interview. I usually refer to stuff like this whever I see a game that looks good. First-hand consumers…they actually describe the look, how and feel of the game. :)

  3. It looks nice & I like the attacks only thing I didn’t like was how slow the character runs more like a lazy jog I’d like him to run abit faster at least.

    It would be nice to see you guys share I hope everyone who wanted to try it got to :)

  4. I totally wish I was them right now and I would have totally done the same. Hopefully they do a simultaneous release in NA and Korea like the originally planned.