That’s right, everyone’s favorite uber hardcore DOTA-esque clone is free to play all week this week.  If you haven’t yet tried Heroes of Newerth, now is the time!!  Just don’t get mad at us if you get chewed out and owned by everyone who is better than you.

Now I’m no hardcore HoN player, and I’m not one of the legendary douches who will rip you apart for not properly protecting your lane, but my pub skill rating is above 1500 and I do enjoy a good game of HoN.  That is why I am passing along this news.  If you are still not familiar with HoN, check out the debut trailer below.  S2 games treats this like their baby and is very committed to the community and providing players with the best gaming experience.  I support them 100%, even if I’m not that great at HoN :-)

Here’s a player made movie, done by some serious HoN pros. Gotta love that announcer.

Here’s the lowdown from S2 Games.

Come join us for a Free To Play Week starting Monday, August 2nd at 1:00 PM EST and ending on Monday, August 9th at 1:00 PM EST. Set up your free account and download the client here. It’s fast and easy to do. You’ll be playing HoN again in just minutes! And, for FREE.