Most Australians love alcohol (Or so the inaccurate stereotype goes), and most Australians like to play games (Once again, inaccurate). Now another stereotype is that gamers have no social lifes blah blah blah. Well Guy “Yug” Bloomberg (Of Australian Gamer fame) alongside a few other high profile names, tested that exact stereotype when he launched “The Mana Bar”. The Mana Bar is Australias first and only video game bar, allowing gamers to mix and meet with other like minded users and have a few drinks and enjoy themselves.

Well of course not everyone wants to make the commute to Brisbane just to visit the bar, so numerous people created “X needs a Manar Bar” Facebook Groups. Well Yug himself left a brief comment that literally says it all;

“It’s going to happen … sooner than you think … stay tuned ;)”

And so it is written, Melbourne and Sydney will be getting a new bar on the scene. I personally detest the stupid Facebook groups, and I’ve openly expressed my hatred of the cretins who plague the Mana Bar Facebook group, simply because they moan and whinge about how they “wish” they could go to something, when really nothing is stopping them. Stay tuned for more news.