I rarely enjoy racing games nowadays, as it seems that the trend is making them more realistic than fun, but one of the few games that goes against this norm is Split/Second. Gavin loved the game in his review, which is why he is probably as excited as I am that we’re about to see DLC for the game.

Later this month, we’ll be getting three new packs of Split/Second content; the first pack is a bunch of designs for your vehicles, the second is the “High Octane” Supercar Pack which will bring new vehicles to the game, and the third is a free special edition car based on the original Ryback Cyclone. The packs will hit both Xbox Live and PSN this month, but we’ll also be seeing a major DLC pack with a new environment in September.

I’d love nothing more than to have more customization options and vehicles in Split/Second, but the only way I’ll jump on all of these is if the price is right. Is anyone excited for these? Sound off in the comments! [Split/Second Facebook]