Robin Walker has said in an interview that the next update to the PC version of TF2 will include both the much-anticipated trading system and a brand new game mode- totally free, as always.

Robin Walker, the creator of the original Team Fortress and master of all things TF2, has said hat the update, coming in about a month’s time, will include the new mode (based around Cthulu, of course), the trading system, and loads of new hats and weapons- all from the Polycount contest. Plus, they’re releasing one extra pack. Way to ruin the surprise, Robin.

The new weapons have been in Valve’s hands for a while now, so they’re not just making them into minor weapons this time.

“It’s a reflection of the amount of time we had to spend on them,” Robin said, “and us being very safe. I think the Crit-a-Cola was designed the day before it went out, to be honest, which is terrifying. But sometimes we can think of something that you can make a pretty educated guess on, yeah, this is going to work out. We definitely have lowballed those in the past, in that we’ve chosen something that’s more underpowered than overpowered, because we can just make it a little better later. The Polycount items have had a lot more time on them as a whole, so, we’re doing more interesting stuff there than in general we have with the other items.”