Over at The Retroist is an interesting find: a vintage television commercial for the SEGA Master System. You know, that console they released before the Genesis?

Of course, while some of us remember it as the “also ran,” the platform has enjoyed popularity in other parts of the world, such as Brazil and parts of Europe. Part of the reason for that is said to be that Nintendo was so busy dealing with everything the U.S. government was throwing at them at the time that they were unable to focus on other markets, leaving them wide open for SEGA– who, as we already established, people in the U.S. just weren’t paying as much attention to at the time.

You can see the print style of ad above, which has a very comic book type of look to it. Below is a television commercial which used the popularity of Ghostbusters to help increase its appeal to the youth of the 80’s, to say nothing of the all-but-forgotten notion of challenging players to reach as high a level as they can:

While Nintendo did manage to stonewall most third-party developers from bringing their games to the competition, some titles managed to find their way to SEGA nonetheless, such as Double Dragon. But by the time SEGA’s mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, was ready to make his Master System debut, the console had been all but forgotten in the U.S.

Even so, fans or those curious about what the platform offered that the NES didn’t can now find several offerings, ironically enough, on the Wii’s Virtual Console.