SPOILER ALERT, but if you cared about that, you really should know it by now. Bill dies in Valve’s “The Passing” DLC for Left 4 Dead 2. Luckily, Valve will be explaining how this happened in upcoming DLC for the game as well as a comic.

When discussing this week’s mutation, Valve have noted that the strange death of the second best character in the series will be explained in this DLC and comic, and invite all L4D2 players to guess how they think it happened.

If you played The Passing, you know that Bill dies. If you didn’t play The Passing, sorry for the spoiler. We will be explaining Bill’s death in an upcoming comic and DLC but what are your guesses to how he died?
1) Killed by a Tank
2) Killed by a Witch
3) Overrun by Zombies
4) Friendly Fire
5) Old Age

I think people will vote mostly for Old Age, because it’s funnier. It looks like he was overrun in the actual game, though. Looks like we’ll find out.

This week’s mutation is Iron Man, a mode only for the truly hardcore. No ammo, no respawns, and if you die you’ll have to start over again. Fun!


  1. A tank oviously only 1 type of special zombie is known to make that much blood and plus i nocliped/left4dead.wiki.com and searched for it and it says that people heard ellis said something about bill getting mauled by a tank and something when he went to turn on the generator