The other day Ripten ran an editorial titled, “Is APB Already Dying?”  Well it appears that we may have been more right than we knew.

The BBC Reported today that RTW has gone into administation (bankruptcy) and is seeking a bailout from anyone who is willing to invest in what is left of the company.

Joint administrators have been appointed and a consultation process on the future of the firm is under way. APB was five years in development but is thought to have failed to attract sufficient numbers of subscribers following mediocre reviews. Realtime Worlds made 60 staff redundant last week. Paul Dounis, of administrators Begbies Traynor, said: “We are currently involved in a consultative process with the 200 staff employed in Dundee.”

Realtime has main development operations in Dundee, Scotland and it’s head office and online operations are in Colorado. (Not Scotland)

These administrators will employ some of the 42 staff in the US to assist in selling the business.

Mr Dounis then added added that,  “Our intention is to continue trading the company while we attempt to find a buyer which will safeguard the future of the business.”

He also hopes that any future buyer would continue to develop APB.

We’re holding our breath.

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