Ripten was lucky enough to get hands on with the final version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow this week.  Better yet, we we’ve just been given the go ahead from Konami to go live with the gameplay footage that we took.

There are obvious influences here, Shadow of the Colossus being the most evident.  However, fights like these are only a small part of the game and you will only face a few of these titans over the 25+ hours of intense gameplay.

Not impressed?  Well you may be the only one.

Look for more hands on coverage plus my upcoming interview with executive producer David Cox right here at!


  1. Looks like a good rip off of Shadow of the collossus. Well done lads. Real original game you got there. You even got the hold down button to grip collossus thing going on.


    • Nick, it’s still castlevania.. but yeah, still I kinda agree with you, only thing that keeping me to buy this game is the fact that it’s supposedly to be 25h+ long… we’ll see

      • Guys guys guys, this is only a small part of the gameplay. I just wanted to show off the titan fight because it is epic. It is obviously very much like SotC but this is a very long game and fighting these titans is only a small part. I will upload more footage for my hands on preview and interview very soon!!

  2. i honestly haven’t been excited for this title. the idea of a 3rd person castlevania just kinda turns you off at first glance. but if this is basically what i’ll be getting, a new age castlevania/shadows of the colossus, then i guess it’s worth checking out.

  3. I am definitely very excited for this game, there has been a lack of action games like this on next gen consoles. And the fact that they are marketing the game has a long and difficult title(two things that are increasingly rare in modern games) only makes me more excited for the game.

    Hopefully it delivers.