You had to see this one coming. Yesterday, there was a reported Kinect Beta listing on ebay for $1200. The listing didn’t stay up for long however, getting not a single bid before being taken down. Whether taken down by the seller or ebay…the world may never know.

I wasn’t one of the lucky few involved in the Kinect Beta nor have I viewed the NDA.  One can assume that somewhere in all that fine print there’s a rather large bit of text that says DON’T LIST THIS ON EBAY or rather something very similiar.

It’s hard to believe anyone would actually try to put their Kinect Beta on eBay. No doubt shady backroom deals have taken place where the beta hardware has changed hands, but did this guy really think that Microsoft doesn’t watch eBay?



  1. What a dope. That guy is more likely to get a nice serving of legal papers from Microsoft’s lawyers than $1200 for something that won’t work with the beta dashboard update.