According to the Witcher’s Facebook Page, CDProjekt is not going to, “sacrifice” the game’s development for consoles at the moment.  They are simply focused on a great PC title … for now.

Here’s the direct quote:

To be clear – no part of The Witcher 2’s development is being sacrificed for console development. The focus is on delivering a great PC title for Q1 next year… the engine is CAPABLE of console development, but we are currently focused on the PC game . . . We haven’t completely closed the door on the possibility of The Witcher on consoles. We think there’s a big potential audience that would really enjoy the game on consoles; in the future we may revisit the idea.

I, for one, am ecstatic.  When I spoke with CDProjekt at E3 they made the same very clear to me, and I’m glad to see they are still holding up their end of the bargain for us hardcore PC RPGamers.

Personally, I also think it’s a wise business move.  If The Witcher 2 is successful as a PC exclusive, there is no doubt in my mind that they will eventually port the game to consoles to make it even more successful.

My prediction? 2 million sales on PC easily, and multiple RPG if not GOTY awards in 2011.


  1. But it will also be contending against Dragon Age 2.
    I’m playing Witcher now after having just finished Dragon Age. I would hate to have to decide which is better.