DO:  How much collaboration has there been between all the companies that have worked on this game?  I noticed a few extra names in there during the trailer and in the demo.

MN:  Right, we brought in some side companies to help with the production.  Because there’s a lot of factors to getting that all put together, and you need a lot of people to make a game this big.  I think that’s a lot of the reason the game never came together over all these years, you’ve got all these creative people like Allen Blum, but making a next gen game takes a lot of grunt work. So, we’ve got a lot of people helping out.

DO:  Well, who are these other companies?  For people who may not know these other companies.

MN: Markus you want to answer that one?

MW:  Well the 3DRealms logo is there out of respect.  Triptych is a company that was actually formed by 3drealms that was also working on the game that is part of the Gearbox family now,  they live on the 10th floor. (In the same building as Gearbox)  The only other one is Pirhana, and we’re not talking abut what they do, right now.  But they’re … they’re involved.

DO:  Very interesting … (I stroke my non-existent beard)

MN: (Laughs)

DO:  Very cool, so what are some of the best fan reactions you’ve seen since setting this booth up, after you dropped this bomb on us Friday morning?

MN:  Well, you know Wired Magazine has been doing this, “Vaporware of the Year” thing for a long time.  And they gave Duke Nukem Forever the award like five times or something, then they finally gave it the lifetime achievement award so they wouldn’t have to do that anymore.   So Randy had the guy from Wired in yesterday … and I heard he had tears I his eyes.

DO:  Wow …

MN:  I mean, I can’t confirm that, but that’s what I heard (Randy later confirmed this to me … sorta)  I mean, that’s a lot of life to live with this thing and never have it happen.  If you’ve been writing articles about a game for over a decade, then to finally see it, it’s understandable.  I’ve seen a lot of people who are just overwhelmed by the whole thing just actually being a reality.

DO:  Oh yeah, I mean I literally could not stop fucking grinning the whole godddamn time I was playing the demo (I mimic myself holding a 360 controller while grinning like an idiot)

MN/MW (Laughter)

MW: My favorite moment was Friday at 10:01 am when they opened the gates, and we were just standing here watching people walk by and just stop and do double-takes, and go, “What the fuck … is this for real?  Is this a joke?”

DO:  Yeah I saw two guys walk by and one guy hits his friend and points at the booth and goes, “Holy shit, what the fuck, does that say Duke Nukem forever!?”

MW:  Yeah, so they started to line up not knowing anything, and the first group to go in, we show them the trailer, and then we’re like … “So you wanna play the game maybe?”   And they were all like, “Haha yeah right whatever.”  And we were like, “No, we’re serious, go next door and fucking play it.”  Then they were all like, “What the fuuuuuuuccckkk.”  I talked to the first guy who went through and I told him, “Dude, you’re the first person in the world outside of Gearbox and 2K that has played this game”  He was almost in shock.

DO:  So, When it’s Done is now 2011.  It’s definitely 2011?  No more pushbacks?

MN:  It’s 2011.  Gearbox and 2K don’t do the pushback thing, when we say a date, we mean that fuckin’ date.

Read on as we talk about the possibility of Duke getting an AO rating and why Duke Nukem Forever is a true Duke Nukem game