DO:  I was speaking to Mikey before and I have to know … You will forever be known as the man who brought Duke Nukem back . . . what’s that like?

RP:  I don’t know about that.  To me, Duke Nukem is Allen Blum . . . I’m just doing the best I can, and I happen to be in a spot where I can help.

DO:  But everyone around you says that it’s your passion and desire that brought this game and this franchise back. (Mikey nods)

RP:  The reality is though, that it’s a lot of people’s passion, it’s a team effort man.  I know I’m the face of Gearbox, so I get put out there, but the reality is, I wouldn’t even have a career if it wasn’t for Allen.  So honestly, it feels like it’s undeserved.

DO:  Really?  I don’t agree. I think you’re gonna have to accept the praise and accept the fact that you made this happen.  It’s ok to be the new face of Duke Nukem, it’s ok to carry the torch from 3DRealms.  I think you’ve earned it man.

RP:  Well, It’s gonna be hard for me to accept it, because I know so many of the guys that made it happen, they’re my friends, I didn’t make this happen alone.

DO:  Well touching on that, what’s it like to have everyone’s blessing with this?  With everyone saying yes Randy, yes Gearbox, go go go ?

Randy's Back Wall is Literally Made of Win.

RP:  I think what’s happening is that people believe in Duke. They kinda need Duke to be triumphant.  We happen to be in a spot where we can help . . . but we all kinda want Duke to make it through this and become the sort of triumphant hero.  So, to me that feels great that people are behind us so much.  But some guys have worked on this thing for over a dozen years . . .

Randy gets cut short as we’re approached by a homeless man begging for change . . . Randy reaches into his wallet and gives him a dollar.

DO:  I mean, gamers and journalists are so critical.  But when we all found out that you had taken on Duke, nobody said no. Nobody said, “Gearbox!? Ughhhh”  What’s it like to have that kind of validation from the gaming community?

RP:  Well, I appreciate that.  It’s surreal. You just do the best you can.  You want to reach people and you want to give them a good time.  Honestly, I feel like I’m still getting started, I feel like I’ve still got so much to prove and so much to learn . . . but the support feels good and the support feels needed, and Duke needs the support.

DO: Definitely … so why do you think it is that Duke transcends all other action heroes and all other bad ass motherfuckers in the world?

RP:  Haha, I don’t know man.

MNYou always bet on Duke, right?

RP:  That’s a hard one to answer, I dunno man, he’s like this crazy action hero that kind of embodies this impossible character that we all wish we could be.   I think George (Broussard) has kind of figured it out … He’s this personality that in some weird way we all wish we could be.  All the girls love him, all the bad guys fear him, and he’s the savior of the earth, I mean . . . who wouldn’t want to be this guy?

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Duke Nukem Forever is coming when it’s done . . . in 2011.  Get ready to Get Some!!

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