Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Recap 9/2/2010

Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Recap 9/5/2010

September 3rd was the real opening of the Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships.  At 8:00 AM all competitors were required to meet just outside the official Wii Games tent where Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson, the official ambassador of the Wii Games, got interviewed on an LA morning show.  Some members from the crowd of competitors were also interviewed.

From this point, all competitors had to go to this beach-like pool area.  On the sand was a Balance Board for each competitor to stand on.  The main Wii Games announcer was up on a mini stage where a balance board and big screen TV were hooked up.  The announcer then got the Mayor of Redondo Beach to lead competitors through a Wii Fit Plus Hula Hoop warm up exercise.  Soon after Shawn Johnson did the same thing.  Needless to say the former Olympic champion did way better than the mayor.

None of the balance boards in the sand had any batteries in them.  It was just for show.  Who knows what happened to those balance boards …

It wasn’t long after the opening warm up/media event that the official Wii Games Summer 2010 Opening Ceremonies took place and Nintendo placed the trophies beside the main stage for everyone to see.  Check out the video below to watch this portion of the event.

After the Opening Ceremonies the games began!  Each type of team category (Family, Super Adult, Adult, Parent Child, Parent Teen, and Teen) had a time to compete to determine what top four teams would go to the Final Four Showdown on Sunday.  Family, Super Adult, and Adult teams would compete on Friday, while Parent Child, Parent Teen, and Teen would compete on Saturday.  Each team was given a time to check in.

Since my sister and I were in the Adult category we checked in at 2:30 PM.  After checking in each Adult team was announced and called up on stage to be introduced to any spectators.  From there we were given a 20-minute warm up period to practice any of the games we’d be competing in.

Nintendo assigned a Brand Ambassador, a referee, to each team.  After practice was over, the games, for Team BeruGold, really began.  We scored a 279 in Bowling, 300 in Hula Hoops, in the 60’s for Basket Ball, and 1:54:xx in Mario Kart.  All of these scores were very good.  Then we choked on the last game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  We didn’t get near our usually score and knew that we would be out of the tournament.  Sadly we learned that if we got our average score in NSMBW we would have made the top four but instead we landed in 9th place.  We were then forced to become VIP spectators.

Outside the Wii Games Summer 2010 tent was a trailer where anyone could audition to be in an upcoming online Wii Party advertisement.  My sister and I made sure to try out.  We had to fill out some paperwork answering several questions.  Then we were videotaped answering more questions.  These questions ranged from generic things like age and talents to who would we invite to a Wii Party.  My sister and I both agreed that we would have invited Gary, Alison, and Dark Gary from Nintendo Week to our Wii Party.

On Saturday team BeruGold made sure to try out almost all of the upcoming Wii titles that were present.  I had played most of these at E3, but my sister hadn’t.  She seemed to really enjoy Wii Party and also said, “I really like this yarn shit.” while playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

We also made sure to take a video tour around and inside the official Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships tent for everyone who was unable to attend the event.  Check it out below.

After Saturday was over there was only one day left.  A day reserved for final showdowns in each category to determine the top players in the country.

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