Ryu Hayabusa has come back…albeit a little bloodier than usual.

At a private dinner press event, Tecmo Koei revealed that Ninja Gaiden 3 is currently being developed. Although not very much of a surprise, they announced Team Ninja and Ninja Gaiden are going in a “new direction” and promised to display a more “human side” of hero Ryu Hayabusa. To further illustrate their intention, attending journalists were given a piece of Concept art.

This ‘new direction’ could mean more realistic take. In the artist’s drawing of Ryu, we see a much grittier and bloodied protagonist. One who seems a departure from the well kept, perfect Ninja we’ve grown accustomed to. This could be what the series has needed.

Not much else was discussed of the game, not even which platforms it’s in development for. No further announcements are planned for Tokyo Game Show. It’s probably safe to assume you’ll see it on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The full concept picture below: