Ever dream of possesing a life-sized replica of the ultimate Halo melee weapon?   Dream no more…buy it at Amazon.

Only this sword isn’t made of energy – it’s made of Steel and only $49.99.

Here’s the Amazon description:

Here it is Folks; at last the HALO Covenant Titanium Color ENERGY SWORD Type-1. Now you can own not only just the video game but part of the video game and the weapon to defeat the bad guys. This Titanium Color Energy Sword is a close quarter’s melee weapon use in Halo. Folks, this sword is one of the most unique and awesome weapon which you will ever own. It is favored by Sangheili and it’s more dangerous than its ceremonial nature implies. This life-size weapon carries an almost exact handle which is used to keep the sword in the video game, Halo. Folks, now instead of paying high price for something which is cheap, now you only get this life-size sword for only $49.99 and its well built. Item also includes a wooden wall plaque. Specifications: Overall Length: 27″ Blade Length: 19.25″, Each side Fatory Sharpen Handle Width: 7″ Handle Material: ABS Plastic, Gray Blade Material: 440 Heat Treated Titanium Color Stainless Steel Item Includes: Wall Display Plaque.

Excited? Well don’t get too excited. Last thing we need is one amped off-kilter gamer to get carried away and use it for nefarious purposes. They are many in the media that would love another opportunity to attack our hobby.

For responsible and stable fans only. Keep it classy.

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