Wowsers!!  Resistance 3 is looking better with every bit of news!  A member of the Insomniac Games community forums has gotten his hands on the latest GameInformer, in which Resistance 3 is featured, and has posted the following details:

They talk about IG going mutiplat a bit… and why they are on a 3 yr cycle now

Then Resistance:
– They recap R2
– Capelli started a family with Susan (Hale’s Stepsister)
– Their son is sick so Capelli has to go to New York to get an anti-virus
– Malikov LIVES!!
– They confirm co-op campaign (Capelli, Malikov, & John Harper [Capelli’s partner]) are key characters (but no alternate story co-op like R2)
– They describe a couple scenes (some related to the leaked images)
– One of the multiplayer maps is in an African Prison
– Chimeran Plant Life (that explodes when shot) shows that the world is changing
– Describes some boat scenes from the campaign
– Talk about the new smarter AI (climb over walls, and through windows and stuff)
– Long legs jumping from roof to roof shooting down at you
– The Mutator:
A new weapon that shoots biological mist that causes boils and stuff on the enemy and then makes them pop hurting the other nearby enemies
Secondary fire makes them go insane and attack their buddies
– Other Weapons:
Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger, carbine are all back… and all weapons are upgradable as you use them more and more
Weapons are also made to look more improvised so… grenades are shaped like food cans full of nails and such…
– Online was talked about but not much is known yet:
it says they wanna make it more organized and not a cluster like the 60 player matches in R2
– Also Ted Price handed the reigns to Marcus Smith to do alot of the other work
– Humans eating humans cuz lack of food… NICE!

Basically Capelli is trying to get the Hale Vaccine which was made by Malikov from Hale’s blood… the vaccine may cure the chimeran virus… Capelli is doing this to save his son so he goes with Malikov to New York, St. Louis, etc. They also have no more gas so everything needs to be run off of Chimeran Energy cores which have to be stolen from chimeran ships…