Many people know that I’m a big Nintendo Fanboy and that I collect Nintendo games, goods, memorabilia, and more.  If it says Nintendo on it, and it’s official, I want it.  That’s what the Nintendo Collectors Journal is for.  From this point on I’ll be documenting all the exciting Nintendo items I gather on my travels.  I come across things both new and old so be sure to check back to see what I’ve come across.

Nintendo Collectors Journal 10/4/2010: Zant Figures

Nintendo Collectors Journal 10/21/2010

This week I didn’t find that many things, but they are still cool.  First is the Limited Edition Yoshi three pack that contains a blue, yellow, and pink Yoshi.  These three figures are NOT part of the Series 1 or 2 figures from the same manufacturer and don’t fall into any series from what I can tell.  I got this at Toys”R”Us for $12.99.  I also got a Donkey Kong Monster Truck toy at Toys”R”Us for $3.99.

It took a while to track down, but I found a Wal-Mart that was selling the Wii Party bundle that comes with a Wii Remote for $69.99.  This bundle is only available at select Wal-Mart locations.  I also got a copy of Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs for a whopping $5.00 after savings!

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