Despite some mediocre reviews (That I don’t agree with), and a whole bunch of negative publicity leading up to the launch of EA’s series reboot of Medal of Honor, the 2010 modern combat title is looking to break all other records set by any other game in the long running first person shooter series. Stuart Lang, the Marketing Director of EA UK recently told MCV in an interview;

“Overall, we’re set for the strongest launch in the history of the Medal of Honor brand, pre orders already outstrip week one sales for any Medal of Honor game. So we know that this Medal of Honor will eclipse every title in the series to date – including the award-winning Frontline and Allied Assault.”

Lang went on to talk about the fact that Medal of Honor was receiving praise from a number of media outlets, and was a must play title of 2010, something I can confirm. Expect the Ripten review in days, if I can pull myself away from possibly the best campaign ever seen in a modern combat title…


  1. PC game,at least, is a crock.
    Aimbots ,wallhacks and spawn killing have already ruined what had the possibility to be a very good game.
    I expected better.Single player mode boring and predictable.
    Bought this game on friday, threw it away on sunday .
    Very disappointing ,expected better, but par for the course from the gaming industry unfortunately .