Obsidian is known for making RPG’s, good ones!  Yet, until recently they had been having to rely on other people’s tech to build their games.  Well, not anymore!!  RipTen was front and center for the Dungeon Siege III panel and demonstration last week at New York Comic Con, and not only is the game looking good, it’s looking great!!

We’d already seen a gameplay, “trailer” a few weeks back, but we wanted to see how the game looked in person!!  (Everything looks better in a trailer)

So first, check out said trailer below:

Very nice, all well and good, but we weren’t convinced!!  So we decided to head down to the DS III panel during day two of NYCC to hear the art team at Obsidian talk about creating this immersive new Action/RPG world.

Some things you may want to take note of are: the environmental effects, the spell effects, the lighting and shadows, Lucas’ animations and armor detail, and of course – that sweet flaming sword they looted at the end.  We’re also a fan of the new camera angles that let you get up close to the action.

Hah!!  What would an awesome tech demo be without the inevitable crash, right?  And don’t tell us that wasn’t one of the best flaming swords you’ve ever seen in an Action/RPG!!

So, even off-screen, Dungeon Siege III is looking great, and it’s still a year away!!  Obsidian is really stepping up their game with this one, and we are very excited to see what other sorts of games they can produce with this new engine.

Did somebody say Alpha Protocol 2?

If you’re a true art and game design nerd, check out the entire 50 minute video we recorded of the panel that includes an in depth look at the art design and Q and A session after the demo.

Between Torchlight II, Diablo III and Dungeon Siege III, it looks like there’s going to be a whole lot of hackin’ and slashin’ going on over the next year.  Who says PC gaming is dead!?