Interesting. I just got word that Brett Favre sexted a night elf reporter for the Nagrand Jets. Rumor has it he wants her to meet up with him at the Goldshire Inn after the game. Wait, you’re not surprised?

On a more serious note, as the ageless Brett Favre hurls a few more passes down field to his new wide receiver, Randy Moss, the MMO masters of the universe, Blizzard Entertainment, will debut a commercial for their latest World of Warcraft expansion pack titled “Cataclysm.”

The exact press release announcement from Blizzard PR can be seen below:

This Sunday, during the Dallas Cowboys versus Minnesota Vikings NFL game on Fox (starts at 4:15 PM EDT, 1:15 PM PDT), we are debuting a new television commercial for World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion. The commercial will feature the first look at cinematic footage from Cataclysm, so tune in to an exciting game this Sunday and catch the new commercial!

We’ll be brining you live coverage of Blizzard’s BlizzCon event in Anaheim, CA on October 22nd and 23rd. And if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks, DirecTV is also offering live online video coverage of the event from beginning to end.

Watch the NFL TV Spot and Cataclysm Intro video here