Wii owners with Netflix can now rest easy knowing that they will no longer need to use the Netflix disc to access the service from their Nintendo Wii.  Starting today, those who own a Nintendo Wii and have a Netflix subscription, can download the Netflix “Channel” directly to their Wii’s Home Menu.  From there Netflix can be easily selected for streaming movie goodness.


    • Don’t switch from disc to wii channel!!! The video quality is not as good and once you install the channel, you can no longer use the disc. I have 1080p tv and picture using streaming disc was BEAUTIFUL. Now that I have the new netflix wii channel, the quality is no longer HD quality.

  1. HD or not, I found the same degradation in quality after moving from the disk to the Netflix App. The picture became less sharp, and much darker.

  2. why cant you get Netflix in australia because we dont have an ABC Channel for the Wii you can download the BBC Iplayer from the wii shop channel by changing country to united kingdom but you cant use it in any other country yet PS ABC Stands for Australian Broadcasting Company PPS i wrote this on my Wii PPPS can someone plz tell me how to change country from australia to north america thx