Is your PC a bad enough dude to run Call of Duty: Black Ops? Luckily, you can now find out as the minimum specifications have been released today.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows® Vista / XP / 7
  • Processor:Intel® Core™2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750 or better
  • Memory: 2GB
  • HDD:12GB
  • Video: Shader 3.0 or better 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600GT / ATI Radeon® X1950Pro or better
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c

As you can see, they’re still fairly low for the standards of PC games these days, most likely thanks to the fact that games like this are created for consoles, not PCs. Of course for PC gamers on a budget, or just ones that haven’t upgraded in a few years, this trend is hardly heartbreaking. Let us know your stance in the comments below. Would you prefer not to have to upgrade, or would you like to see more heavy-duty games that show off what the PC can truly do?

D2D via Eurogamer via Shacknews


  1. Yes, they may be low for newer computers, but i don’t have the money to get a new computer. My specs are:

    Intel(R) Celeron(R) 3.06GHz
    1.5GB RAM
    Nvidia 9600GT 512MB, Pixel 3.0, Vertex 3.0
    379GB Memory

    And still, i can run MW1 easy as owt.
    Then i look at these and if i want this game, i’m going to need a new computer.
    Thanks for nothing TreyArch.

  2. Clearly games should be created to utilize better hardware. If you can’t upgrade or choose not to, then you can turn down the settings.

    Its silly to keep releasing new games that don’t use last gen PC hardware. Fail.

  3. I passed all the requirements for Black ops except for Processor. My Processor is Amd Athalon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ 2.10Ghz… Will i be able to run it plz answer

    • I’m pretty sure that you can still play the game with an older CPU than the one in the minumin specs. I have an Athlon II X2 250, that doesn’t loose that much to an E6600, so only by some silly blocking mechanism that may come with the game i wouldn’t be able to play it, wich i seriously belive that this will be the case :p
      As long as your CPU isn’t that older you will play the game just fine, only with lower detail.

  4. What stupid person would think its better to use all this new tech because it looks way better but if you look at MW2 and the trailers on black ops what pisses me off is that there is NOTHING F**KING DIFFERENT ABOUT THE BLOODY WAY THAT IT IS PLAYED. Them a**holes at activision thinks its fun saying “If we make use more expensive tech we would probably lose some fans…. oh why the hell not!” its not fair on us lot who cant upgrade our PC’s every weak and we are on a certin amount of money. This is why i love valve games better than all the others because they worry about the player and they make all of their games so as much people as possible can play it even this one im using now can run them perfectly! If these specs are true then activison can KISS MY A** THEM GREEDY F*CKS ALL OF THEM ARE ABOUT MONEY AND THEY — USE THE SAME SHIT ANYWAY BUT WHATS DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS GAME BECA– USE IT LOOKS LIKE THE SAME GAME! look all they have changed is the weapons and that is about it its the same gameplay where you run around and shoot. Sure there is alot of new kill streaks but i can promise you that it will feel like Modern warfare 2 all over again.

    • well im on a savge budget and i got a computer built that meets all these specs exeeds all these specs exept for the processor(mines a athlon ii x2 245)
      and it cost me bang on £200
      hardly demanding requirements

    • Ok, first off… god damn stop whining, there are several reasons that the (Min) and i stress MINIMUM system req’s are very similiar to MWF2

      1. Because Both games still operate on the direct x 9 architecture which limits max rendering qual and overall detail, and they have not gone to DX10 yet because it would require a bit of a leap in general tech for a standard system to run and thats not terribly fair to most pc gamers becuase we are not all made of a lot of money and still wanna play cool games, and remember these are MIN. req’s not recommended of which Black Ops are a bit higher than MWF2. High end dual core’s and 2gb of ram with Medium-High end graphics (saying most ppl dont spend close to a $1000 on graphics) thats pretty decently up there. (Sry not every game is gonna look like crysis guys, just aint gonna happen).

      2. If game designers did develop games more up to the scale of top end pc tech these days, they for starters would almost have to make the game twice, once for pc and second a dumbed down version for console. And saying the designed the games for PC lets say to the higher end, because of console hardware limitations there would be such a drastic difference in quality and detail and im talkin overall physics, volumetrics, filtered texture detail etc etc, then it would be like WTF?? to ppl who mostly on play games on consoles and that wouldnt be anywhere near cost or time effective. (Think before we speak ok)

      3. And a few other minor reasons largely including marketing base and etc.

  5. I can definitely relate to the problem of budget system, as I had one for the longest. However it goes the other way as well. Now that I do have nearly latest hardware – i7-920 over-clocked and gtx 275, it feels like a waste of money for me and waste of resources for nvidia who developed the hardware.

    If I dish out nearly $2000 for my system I expect to get my money’s worth so when latest game comes out in DX9 mode my graphics card must surely feel insulted.

    • Alexander, the game doesn’t run only in DX9. Those are minimum system specs for the game to run. With your system it will run much better looking and faster than a system that only meet these requirements. The game does have DX10 graphics when you have installed a graphics card that supports this technology. You shouldn’t feel insulted, as you will use your machine’s full capacity when playing this game.

      • Well insult was probably an exaggeration.
        But the game did not run until I installed DX9 on Win7. It would not start, showing error about d3dx9_43 not found.

        Generally speaking, the graphics do look impressive. There are great many details in faces and motion of the characters. However, that character’s profile details takes attention away from the lack of detail of the character’s interaction with the area, like shadows etc. In DX10+ games the characters feels more linked with the surroundings than what I noticed here.

        But that’s me being overly critical. The game is enjoyable nonetheless.

  6. :)

    There are still some dependancies of DX9 on all games, and COD Black Ops isn’t the brightest of the latest games when it comes to game engine development, as it still uses the basis of the COD4 game engine. The looks are impressive, but as you said, characters interaction with its surroundings aren’t as good as other titles, like Medal of honour and the legendary Crysis. I do hope that the next title will have a totally remodelled game engine :)

  7. Hi. I would like to know if I can play this on my pc.

    Its a laptop. Its old too.
    Intel (R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
    T7100 @1.80GHz
    1.79 GHz, 1.99 GB of RAM

  8. Does anybody know if it will run with:
    Intel Celeron Dual Core T3000
    1.8 MHZ
    RAM 3072 MB
    Intel Grapchics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (onboard videochip)

  9. My specs are: CPU: AMD Athlon 5000+ dual core 2.2Ghz
    Graphics: ATI Radeon 4850HD 1GB ram
    2 GBs of RAM memory

    I think the problem is CPU…What do you think abou this?

  10. I got :
    Win Vista Home Premuim Service Pack1
    Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6300 @ 2.80Ghz 2,80GHz
    Ram : 4.00 GB
    Vidoe card : 1GB Asus

  11. i have:

    OS:Windows Xp service pack 3 32-bit
    Intel quad core:3.0 ghz
    Nvidia ge force 210 1024 megabytes.

    Can i run the game?