Uncharted 3 received a mention from an UAE media firm while discussing ways to “localize” video games for the Arab World to get past censors.

Rubicon Group Holding and MEC, who distributes Sony products in Saudi Arabia, are working towards a solution to avoid regional bans on popular video games.  This intiative will include solutions such as dubbing games in Arabic and removing content which may be interpreted as offensive to Islamic sensitivites.  Sometimes a solution can be as extreme as introducing a new character.

In recent months this has become a more pressing issue as popular games such as Dead Rising 2 and Mafia II were banned from the UAE.

Uncharted 3 was mentioned rather casually when Ghassan Ayoubi, the executive director of Rubicon Holding, mentioned the focus of the localization process with titles under development.

Mr Ayoubi said FIFA Soccer 11 and the third installment in the Uncharted series could be among the first games to be “Arabised and localized”. There is, “A big market here” for video games, he said, but regional distribution can be “difficult” because of cultural sensitivities.

Not surprising that Sony is working on a sequel for one of their most successful franchises. Couple this with Emily Rose’s reveal last month and it’s probably a good bet that the process in creating Uncharted 3 has been underway.