The nifty little indie title DogFighter is going on sale this Monday at a massive 85% off, alongside a free patch that will add a new aircraft, a new map, a new game mode, and various bugfixes.

Bryce found the game to be well made and fun, but rather lacking in the “amount of people playing it” department. It’s just as well, then, that the developers are reportedly adding:

  • New Aircraft (Youtube preview)
  • Tutorial Mode
  • New Map (Youtube preview)
  • Dedicated server app going out to public
  • New Game mode
  • Bug Fixes and Various other improvements (details coming on Monday)

At 85% off (just £1.05!), you really have little excuse not to buy DogFighter on Monday- especially as they’re adding the revered and holy dedicated servers. See you there on Monday!


  1. Great review and lived up to all my expectations. an amazing indie game – and this is Dark water studios first launch title. an they release free content packs. an they are helping on the steam support forums all the time. wow. these guys are what it means to be indie!

  2. first heard about this game when it went on a sale at STEAM in October.

    Couldn’t resist the lure to not try it I gave it a go and didn’t end up disappointed.

    game is well supported by the devs, gets regular updates, has many game modes from your casual ctf/dm to tournament/lone wolf and more.

    plenty planes to choose from, many maps to play and for those who love achievements there are quite a few (with some really challenging ones).

    if you like air fighter simulators with arcade elements – it is a must have!

    You won’t walk away dissatisfied!…

  3. Don’t listen to the haters, this game is gr8.
    well balanced and lots of weapons, it’s just great. some very original maps, and more content coming from the developers. there isn’t any reason to stop yourself picking this up. Overall aaction-packed third person shooter in the sky