Keiji Inafune, best known for creating the legendary Mega-Man and producing the hilarious zombie slaying game Dead Rising has just announced on his personal blog that he is to resign from his position at Capcom.

He joined Capcom 23 years ago as a character designer working his way into the prestigious role of head of Research & Development and Online Business, as well as Global Head of Production. In his goodbye post, Inafune cites Capcom as a great company, stating that he loves it “probably more then anyone else”.

As for his reason for leaving, he states he has no steps left to climb as he’s already reached the highest level in game development. Inafune will be resigning officially later this month, also stating there wont be a chance that he will ever return to Capcom.

I’m sure all of us here at RipTen can respect the work hes done for our industry, and we’ll be sad to see him go.

Source: [ScrawlFX]