You read right, it looks as if everyone’s favorite shirtless brawler / mayor of Metro City will be finally fighting his way onto the Marvel vs. Capcom roster.

Capcom was busy posting Halloween office pics, and one in particular caught the attention of the gaming world.

Sweet Costume ... Wait ... Who's That On Your Screen!?
It's Haggar!!

It’s yet unknown if this leak was made on purpose, or truly by accident.  However, Capcom has since removed this picture from Capcom-Unity so we’re thinking it’s a real deal leaking hole in the Capcom boat.

I know one man in particular who will be very happy to hear this news:

Haggar 1 - Naysayers - 0

Source: Shoryuken


  1. Yay another crapppy character that nobody cares about. Seriously out of all the marvel and capcom characters to choose from, this guy?