As many know, the competition for peripherals is getting fierce out there with the emergence of Razor, SteelSeries and anything the Wii has to offer. So how does one compete? Some brilliant company decides to recruit the reigning champion of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, professional gamer, Dennis ZDD Dozier to help test and create one of the most inventive and exciting game controllers I’ve seen yet.  What is this glorious piece of equipment, you might ask? Well, it’s the Shark from Splitfish.

This unique FragChuck and mouse controller is more comfortable than the regular game controller and is compatible with PC, Mac and PS3.  With a 1:1 no lag ratio, it allows for minute movements which is essential for C.O.D. or any other FPS when sniping your enemies. Or if you’re like me, who sucks at these sort of games, it also helps if you just like  to shoot things to smithereens.  I’m more of an RPG/hack and slash kind of gal so FPS are a new thing for me, but playing C.O.D. with the Shark, which allows for different mouse features for smaller hands, has made these shooting games much easier for noobs like me to play.  It’s so user friendly that you can just jump right in with it and play, which is exactly what I did. It was a little intimidating playing along side Dennis but he was as humble and helpful as could be, encouraging me as I learned how to map the Chuck and use the mouse.  That’s another great thing about the Shark, the customizable and easy to use mapping abilities. You can set up your buttons to play so much easier than before, then take the Shark anywhere and always have your hotkeys set. You just go to the keyboard settings options, select what you want, where you want it, and your good to go. No drivers needed. EVER!

Uber Pwnage, In The Palm of Your Hand

The Shark is the first of these line of mice to be wireless, which is great because it avoids drag on the mousepad.  The Piranha and the Barracuda, both similar to the Shark, are wired and just as good, but why fumble with wires when you can be free from the constraints, sit anywhere you want and game immediately?  This amazing peripheral is highly intuitive and comfortable which is one of Dennis’ favorite features of the Shark.  The recessed side buttons make it quicker for shooting, jumping, running, ducking, etc and is good for any game, not just Call of Duty or other FPS’.  I know because I played God of War 3 with it and found that it was so much easier with the Shark than with the standard PS3 controller. Dennis explained that he has permanent dents just above his knees from holding the original controller and found that after 6-8 hours of gaming a day, his back gets a bit stiff and uncomfortable. With the Shark, he is able to set up his mousepad anywhere and still game comfortably.  I had to agree, it was really easy to relax with the shark in my hands.

It took about 18 months of development for Splitfish to come up with this intuitive creation that Dennis takes with him everywhere.  The 1750 dpi mouse and light weight FragChuck comes with a high end mouse pad that reduces the battery drain on the mouse which really makes a difference in long term gameplay.  It only takes 1 AA battery per unit and allows for 50 hours of playing time and comes with a new 500 hour power saver standby mode.  It requires ZERO firmware updates, plug and play ability, a new dead zone adjustment wheel and SixAxis support.

Here’s The Rundown:

+ Intuitive and easily mappable controls
+ Great battery life
+ Precise 1:1 control

– Bit of a learning curve

The FragFX Shark was released on November 1st, 2010.  The MSRP US is $89.99/Euro 79.99.  A unit was provided to us for the purposes of review.  We played a ton of CoD and Gow with it.  It was bad ass.


  1. this crap product doensn´t work with all games!!!
    alien vs predator and bioshock 2 are not compatible!
    Medal of Honor is also better playable with the standart controller than with this mouse.


  2. Best controller of it’s type on the market! Being a hardcore PC gamer that switched to the PS3, I couldn’t stand how inaccurate the standard controllers were. COD:BO finally forced me to get one of these amazing controllers. I won’t game without a Splitfish now!
    (rumble is not supported, not that I miss it)