Looking for some Force Unleashed  2 Cheats and Unlockables?  Want to know an easy way to get force points?  Have a desire to play the game as Monkey Island’s Guybrush Threepkiller? Find all this info and more in our Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 guide.

Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes for the desired effect.

LIBO – Unlocks the Dark Green Lightsaber Crystal (Healing).

TRAYA – Unlocks Lightsaber Throw

YARAEL – Unlocks Mindtrick ability

HAAZEN – Unlocks Sith Acolyte skin

MANDALORE – Unlocks Boba Fett skin

MAREK – Unlocks Force Repulse ability

MORGUKAI – Unlocks Saber Guard skin

RAHM – Unlocks General skin

REBELSCUM – Unlocks Rebel Soldier Skin

SHADOW – Unlocks Terror Trooper skin

SOLARI – Unlocks Wisdom (White) Lightsaber Crystals / Gain extra Force points when defeating your enemies

TK421 – Unlocks Classic Storm Trooper skin

VENTRESS – Unlocks Dark Apprentice skin

Unlockable: Rewards for Series Veterans

Depending on how you played TFU 1, these are the ways you are rewarded in the sequel:

  • If you have a save on your hard drive from The Force Unleashed you will unlock Training Gear.
  • If you beat Force Unleashed (I) with the Light Side Ending, you will unlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes.
  • If you beat Force Unleashed (I) with the Dark Side Ending, you will unlock Sith Stalker Armor.


Unlockable: Guybrush Threepkiller Costume

In the 2nd Chapter you will come across a bar/casino room. At the end the room it will fill up with fog and you will have to fight a shielded mech. In the next room (after blasting the concrete wall that the shielded mech put up) you will come across a small room with a hologram of Jabba the Hut. Just under him are three slot machines. Bust em’ up and collect your costume.

Bonus costumes

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume:

    General Kota: Get a Silver medal in the “Deadly Path Trial” challenge.
    Saber Guard: Get a Silver medal in the “Cloning Spire Trial” challenge.
    Terror Trooper: Get a Silver medal in the “Terror Trial” challenge.

Easy Force Points

In the first level when you stop running away from the gunship, you will die and get Force Points. The save point at this location makes it easy to get infinite Force Points. Use a rubber band on your controller to force your character to always run. After dying, your character will begin running again and repeat the cycle automatically. Allow the game to idle in this state for easy Force Points.


  1. Hey ppl.. I’m a bit new to this but gotta ask… Does anyone have a cheat for Force Unleashed 2 on PC that unlocks ALL Lightsaber crystals???

    • i beat the game and downloaded the dlc map for endor but idk how to access it do i have to play the last mission all over again and pick darkside?

      • Nope, if you have the endor thing downloaded you should be able to pick it through the “Campaign Select” or whatever it’s called. :) hope this helped

  2. Hi
    I love this game but I’m rubbish at the platform jump stop jump bit, ie getting to the top of the level where you jump up in a revolving fashion. I need to be able to skip a level or something coz I want to finish this one. I got stuck on the last one and gave up….. please can you help ???