Hulkamania is running wild, maybe a little too wild. As a lifelong fan of the Hulkster and card carrying Hulkamaniac, I have long considered almost any exposure to Hulkamania to be good…until now.

What the hell Hulk? I was with with you in the early days with the red and yellow, stayed with you when you turned heel and lead the nWo to domination, and still supported you through Brooke’s failed career and reality show, but rapping ain’t your thing “brother”.  And speaking about your thing, we didn’t need to almost see it.  Shorts like those might have been popular in your heyday (the 80’s), but have long since been out of style – perhaps completely died with John Stockton’s retirement.

I’ve been a good Hulkamanic and have said my prayers and taken my vitamins for years, now please don’t do that again.  Save the  white rapping for Eminem and please let the only python you ever attempt to show again, be one of the 24″ biceps on your massive arms.

BTW, Brooke is looking pretty HAWT!