Some say a new Resident Evil game is being developed by Slant Six Games, who are responsible for the tactical shooter PSP SOCOM games and the latest SOCOM title on the Playstation 3. The documents cite that Slant Six are developing a “team-based” game codenamed “Resident Evil: Racoon City” however the developer is keeping tight lipped on the project as they refuse to publicly talk about who they’re working with, or what the game is about.

On their blog, the developer has written that its next project is being built with a “new publishing partner” and work has started on a “world class franchise.” Earlier in March the company hired a Japanese translator/interpreter and according to employees LinkedIn profiles, the company is indeed working on a “Multiplayer Action Game”. As of now it’s still all rumours, but it could be entirely plausible. We will just have to wait and see.

Source: [Kotaku]