Codemasters’ Operation Flashpoint: Red River will release in the second quarter of 2011, along with the rally racer Dirt 3 from the same company. GRID 2 has also been put down for a 2012 release.

Speaking about Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Dirt 3, Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens told Eurogamer:

“I don’t think it does any good to publish in a congested period when everyone’s putting out their shooters… That’s not a window I want to go out in. It will be between 1st April and the end of June.”

GRID 2 will be released the year after:

“We’re not difficult to predict,” Cousens said. “If DiRT comes out next year, GRID will come out the following year, and then DiRT will be out the year after that.”

Via Shacknews