While the real world housing market continues to plummet to all time lows, the value of virtual property on Planet Calypso seems to be doing just fine. In fact, if The Donald dabbled in in-game real estate, we would likely refer to the recently resold video game resort as Club Trump.

Instead, the highly sought after Club NEVERDIE (formerly the Asteroid Space Resort before being purchased by Jon ‘NEVERDIE’ Jacobs in 2005 for the bargain basement price of $100,000 USD) has been snatched up by a new buyer for the lump sum of $635,000 real world dollars. For those counting at home, that’s a five year 535% return on investment for Mr. NEVERDIE.

This sale now supplants the previous Planet Calypso record high set by Buzz “Erik” Lightyear in 2009 when his $330,000 USD winning bid made him the proud owner of another Planet Calypso property dubbed The Crystal Palace Space Station.

It should be noted that the Planet Calypso’s in-game economy utilizes requires real world cash to buy virtual goods and services, so while the selling price may seem steep, the new owner stands to profit from all prospecting, hunting, and future property sales that go down during his digital watch…right after he decides on a new name.

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Source: Planet Calypso