Angry Birds has been like a plague upon the iPhone and Android scene. But it’s a good plague. Similar to that “It’s Raining Men” song, but instead it’s raining an addictive and insanely simple game upon the world. Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO of Rovio Mobile (The developers of Angry Birds) told PocketGamer that console gamers would be getting their fix soon enough. He also hinted that a “surprise” version of the game was slated to tell the story from the pigs perspective.

The game is likely to feature multiplayer reminiscent of “old School worms,” although none of this is set in concrete. There is no rough release date, or even any details nailed down, but we will be sure to keep you informed. Something I can’t help but wonder though was summed up perfectly by x360a user “Edable Giraffe” when he said;

“The problem is, if it does come out it’ll be at least 800 MSP. Can you really justify that when it’s 59p on iPod and free on Android?”

Source: [x360a via PocketGamer]