Team Meat have finally announced the release date and pricing of the PC version of Super Meat Boy, as well as two new characters- one for the Steam version and one for the non-Steam version.

The game will be released on November 30 at a price of $15- but of course, if you pre-order the game from the 23rd November it’ll be 33% off, at $10.

For Steam users, the game will feature the above Headcrab from Valve’s Half-Life series. Team Meat describe him thusly: “Much like Gish, he will stick to walls but also have more horizontal jumping power as a head crab should.”

Of course, non-Steam and ‘I only play indie games’ players can rest assured that Goo from World of Goo will be in their version of the game. Like the Headcrab, Goo will be identical to Gish from the XBLA version of the game.

Super Meat Boy might win an award for the most news ever generated in a single month.