So much for Russian secrecy – SCEE Russia has effectively outed Mass Effect 3 via Twitter.

The Tweet goes on to say (translated): “Company #BioWare Award for #VideoGameAwards showed a teaser, in which we can see the first footage #MassEffect 3″.

So it seems there will be footage of Mass Effect 3 at the VGAs and the game will likely be available for the PS3 as well.

Is this the way Sony intended the game to be outed? Probably not, but the fact that the tweet has not been retracted speaks volumes. It gives everyone another great excuse to watch the VGA’s on December 11th.

A picture of the twitter post in Russian:


  1. WEll,since they are porting ME2 for PS3(I OWNED[ME1 & ME2] the xbox version, but since the 360 died and it’s so reliable), going to purchase ME2 for PS3 start & preparing again for ME3 !! Cant WAIT! And yeah sony, just deleting the post makes it even more true.

  2. I’d say that the fact it hasn’t been removed supports the idea that it’s a cleverly placed red herring (little-known enough to believe an employee screwed up, well-known enough for it to get out there)

    Were it immediately removed, that would seem to indicate that the tweeter’s superiors wanted this information kept hidden.