Our good friends at the Behemoth have posted a new development blog expressing how thankful they are to all of their fans. To give back to the people, the Behemoth is giving away chickens through a charity.

For every 4 people that “follow” on Twitter or “like” on Facebook Behemoth and their games, one chicken will be donated to a family in need through Heifer International. Yes, chickens are less traditional for Thanksgiving but their logo is a chicken, so it makes sense.

After posting the event, Heifer International posted some facts on how these chickens will save lives:

A flock of chicks can help families from Cameroon to the Caribbean add nourishing, life-sustaining eggs to their inadequate diets.

The protein in just one egg is a nutritious gift for a hungry child. Protein-packed eggs from even a single chicken can make a life-saving difference.

Heifer helps many hungry families with a starter flock of 10 to 50 chicks. A good hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year – plenty to eat, share or sell. With Heifer recipients’ commitment to pass on the offspring and training, the exponential impact of adding chickens to communities in poverty is truly a model that helps end hunger and poverty.

Because chickens require little space and can thrive on readily available food scraps, families can make money from the birds without spending much. And chickens help control insects and fertilize gardens.

Make sure to check these links out, follow and support the Behemoth. Most importantly, get these families some goddamn chickens!

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Source: The Behemoth