Microsoft’s Kinect looks to take gaming in a bold new direction by making you the controller.  However, other than a few “family friendly” launch titles, Kinect currently doesn’t have much to offer us hardcore gamers.  We’re not quite sold on it yet, but if these next 10 games were compatible with Kinect, we’d go out and buy it TODAY.

10 – Fight Night

Let’s just come out and say it, Fighters Uncaged just doesn’t cut it as far as fighting games go.  However, Fight Night is one of the greatest boxing franchises of all time and if Microsoft could find a way to make it work properly with Kinect – we’d be all over it.

9- Starcraft II

Yeah, we know, it’s not on consoles, but if it was, we’d want to play it with Kinect.  Being able to move your units around and place buildings with one hand while moving the map with your other hand just makes sense – and it would make for some awesome and intense online matches as well.

8 – Halo Wars

Since Starcraft II isn’t on consoles, Halo Wars will have to do.  Although the online community is all but dead, it would still be fun to play the campaign with Kinect.  In fact, any modern RTS would be fun with Kinect.  R.U.S.E anyone?


  1. Kinect will fail with out offering hardcore gamers more options. I already own a wii that plays to my party/casual gaming needs and does an excellent job with most motion sensing controls. I find it hard to justify the 150 priced controller that I don’t need. Same with Xbox live vision and the HD DVD, peripherals that just aren’t needed and are overpriced, although the HD DVD failed mostly because of the format media…

  2. What?? You put SWTFU on the MOVE list instead of the KINEKT list? You do realize it’s already on the wii which is practically the same damn thing???