PS Move has been out for awhile now.  Yet, even though there are some great games that are compatible with move, there are others that we REALLY wish used Sony’s new motion peripheral.

Read this list, then demand action from Sony!!

God of War 3

We know this game is awesome as-is, and we’d actually be kind of upset if it became more of a casual game. However, knowing how powerful Kratos is, and knowing how powerful we’re not… We would like to feel that powerful for a few hours a day. Swinging the blades  of chaos around in HD sounds like a good way to do just that, especially since Kratos is at least three times our size.

Portal 2

Aim - shoot. Easy.

It would be simple!! – aim where you want the portal to go, put it there. Since Portal isn’t normally a very fast paced game, this is one first person game that we think could work really well with Move. You could change the color of the portal you’re shooting with circle or square, then aim and pull the trigger. Movement could be controlled with the analog stick, and it would feel as natural as using a Dualshock 3.  Make it happen Gabe!!

From Dust

Being able to use the Move controls to literally raise or lower land would be awesome.

We can’t wait for this game to come out, but when it does, we’d love for it to be a Move game. Being able to actually sculpt the land with the Move controller would make us crave this game even more.

Katamari Forever

I've always wanted to see a Katamari game made with motion controls.

Katamari Damacy (and all other Katamari games) have been one of the few games that we’ve always thought would work well with motion controls. Even an iteration of a Katamari game on DS would be cool to play with, using the touch screen instead of buttons.  Also, having a Move controller would give us something to throw down in frustration when we run out of time to pick up junk.


Flower's controls would make sense with Move.

The controls for Flower are simple enough, just aim and control the wind blowing your petals around the level. If it were possible to just aim in the direction the petals should be going and do a single button press like usual to make wind blow, this game could be more interactive and possibly improved with Move.

Shadow of the Colossus

He's never done anything wrong before. SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE!

Shadow of the Colossus isn’t only one of the best PS2 games, but the game would lend itself perfectly to the PS Move. The game has it all: swordplay, firing arrows with a bow and climbing up giant beasts! Sony is releasing an HD update for PS3, so this would be a good time to support the PS Move with an awesome classic.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

I'll Finish This Guy Off By Slamming My Move Controllers Into My Coffee Table!!

While this game may have released to harsh criticism and lackluster sales, the thought of controlling Starkiller’s dual lightsabers with our own hands sounds fucking awesome – to put it lightly.  Hell, it might even help the game sell a few copies – take note Lucas Arts.

Stranglehold / Max Payne / Dead to Rights

Release The Doves!!

All we’ve ever wanted was an excuse to dive across our living rooms in slow motion while shooting at teh bad gusy.  Hey Sony, pick a game, any game from the top three and we’ll be happy to play the shit out of them – in super bullet time slo mo.

Cooking Mama

Oh Yeah, That's F**kin Hot!!

Forget your silly DS or Wii.  We want to have an HD cook off.  With Sony’s uber-comfortable new peripheral we can chop, stir, mash and fry til we drop!!  This game is perfect for the ladies or the man who has a sick obsession with The Food Network.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Try Not To Give Yourself, "Whiplash"

Oh, hell yes. Just the thought of slaying demons and beasts alike with Gabriel’s Combat Cross is the stuff wet dreams are made of.  Imagine chaining together whip combos, punching titans where it hurts and swinging from platform to platform with ease as you wave your move controllers around in a spastic frenzy.  Fun, thy name is Gabriel Belmont and Playstation Move.

So there you have it – 10 games we wish we could be playing with PS move right now, but we can’t.  Someone start a petition or something.  Until then we’ll have to settle for using Move to stir our coffee in Heavy Rain . . .


  1. God of War cannot work with 2 moves because the Move can’t allow characters to walk unless you use the Navigational controller.

    Lords of Shadow could definitely work with Move because it’s not a fast paced hack n slash.