Well maybe it isn’t, but it looks like a cool project. A group at MIT’s media lab have written some Javascript code to make Kinect work with a PC and web browsers. It allows for full control over the web browser by just waving and scrolling with hand commands.

This project brings us one step closer to having complete control over our computers just like Minority Report. Too bad using my mouse is ridiculously faster than any motion control can handle at this point.

Kinect + Computer Vision + Javascript

DepthJS is a web browser extension that allows any any web page to interact with the Microsoft Kinect via Javascript.

Navigating the web is only one application of the framework we built – that is, we envision all sorts of applications that run in the browser, from games to specific utilities for specific sites. The great part is that now web developers who specialize in Javascript can work with the Kinect without having to learn any special languages or code. We believe this will allow a new set of interactions beyond what we first developed.

Source: Fluid Interfaces