Disclaimer: I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Telstra Windows Phone 7 HTC Mozart Social Review program. The opinions below are mine and mine only, and do not reflect those of Telstra. I recieved my HTC Mozart completely free of charge

I’ve been using my (amazing) HTC Mozart for nearly 3 days now, and the only major issue I have with it is the short living battery. Well my life is complete, because with a simple settings change you can improve your battery life by up to 200%. Yes you read right, 200%.

The root of the issue is caused by how the HTC Mozart is designed to work on Telstra’s Next G network. To fix this issue simply navigate to the “mobile network” configuration screen and enter in “telstra.iph” as the APN (Access Point Name). The only negative to this is that the “My Bill” section of the Telstra Hub wont work, however you can revert back to the old APN to access this, or use Telstra’s website.

Telstra confirmed a fix was coming for the battery issues next week when they tweak their phone network. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@DrjftGaming) and Facebook throughout my two week experience as a Windows Phone 7 Telstra Social Reviewer.