Believe it or not, Ghostbusters: The Video Game’s multiplayer has a decent-sized community. Since the game’s release, four achievements have been glitched and angry Ghostbusters have begged Terminal Reality to patch it. People need their ‘cheeves. Well, TR is a busy company and need to put man power towards future products, but still wanted to support the Ghostbusters game, so they made a patch for the game.

Terminal Reality announced via its Facebook page that the patch is now live:

“The Ghostbusters Xbox 360 multi-player patch is now available! Many thanks to all of our wonderful supporters for their patience and continued support! The next step is to go get those achievements, and they are some doozies! Thanks to our awesome QA staff, we have a step-by-step walkthrough of how to go about getting them.”

The only problem, it took one and a half years to come out! It took Terminal Reality until June of this year to announce they were doing a patch for the game and then it took 7 months to create and pass certification through Microsoft.

The developers were nice enough to post an achievement guide for those last pesky glitched ones so people can finally get 1K on the game.

I give them huge props for supporting their product despite being a smaller company, but there is another problem; the patch doesn’t fully work. According to post on forums over at, the patch only fixed two of the four glitched achievements. Anyone who hasn’t played the multiplayer enough to “technically” earn the achievement before the patch, still cannot unlock it. If you haven’t played multiplayer yet, or haven’t reached the requirements for the achievement, you are safe. Until then, it looks like achievement hunters are stuck at 980GS/1000.   :(