Okay so maybe the official Thrustmaster Gran Turismo 5 wheel isn’t as super-radical as this one, but for $500 it better come damn close! Yes, the new Thrustmaster T500 RS will be five hundred dollars according to Kazunori Yamauchi after he announced it via his Twitter in response to a fan question.

Though he didn’t specifically state which regional dollar this pricetag goes off, it’s still an extremely high price-point for a virtual steering wheel, but Kazunori is quick to defend this “premium” product. Yamauchi said;

“The T500RS  is a high-quality, premium steering wheel, and you can feel the delicate and rich feel of the steering.” “It will feature three pedals, a high-power motor, belt drive backlash-free, and high-speed processing at low latency.”

Sounds like an exceptional piece of hardware and it’s good to see Kazunori support it so strongly, but whether or not the consumer will pick it up remains to be seen.