The folks over at have “predicto’d” that the Wii won’t be the king this year. According to an anonymous polling of three-quarters of a thousand people, the hugely successful Nintendo Wii will fail to outsell both the PlayStation Move and the Kinect this holiday season.

Looking through the over 200 comments that were left regarding the poll, it becomes clear that those who voted are experts in the fields of both videogames and consumer research analysis.

“i think the x box 360 kinect will be the hottest since when i first saw it i wanted it reather then a wii”

“, PS3 is supposed to be awesome from what I’m hearing about it……”

“i think i said yes but i ment no oh well lol”

While high-profile analysts like Michael Pachter are usually turned to for predictions on the gaming market, the hard-hitting truths delivered by the ever-knowledgeable online gaming community might just buck that trend.

“i don’t think it’s gonna sell dat good.”

You heard it here first, folks. The PlayStation Move and Kinect will almost definitely outsell the Nintendo Wii in the next month.  It has been Predicto’d!