Today Bioware put up another mysterious barcode – one that linked to a picture of a red herring.  Confused?  We’ll break it down for you.

You see, a “red herring” doesn’t actually exist in nature – it’s a term for a device used to distract from something else.

According to

-something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

What could this mean?  Well it could mean several things:

It could mean that this whole entire charade they have been playing about their VGA announcement has been a diversion from what has really been going on deep in the depths of the Bioware kingdom.

However, what we think it means is that the supposed leak of Mass Effect 3 by Sony Russia was the “Red Herring”

That information was too important to simply be “leaked” and not removed within minutes.  Now that everyone is so sure Mass Effect 3 is the big announcement at the VGAs – BioWare is letting us know that it’s time to think again.

Or maybe it’s a double-cross (or a Serbian Jew double bluff) and Bioware wants us to THINK that the Mass Effect 3 leak was a red herring, when in fact it was a real leak.

What do YOU think?

Either way, RipTen will be LIVE at the VGAs to find out for sure.

Here’s the barcode if you’d like to scan it for yourself – RipTen is printer friendly.


  1. I really think it just means some (or all?) of the clues were read far to into, or just the last couple or maybe they are just trolling us.