The mobile platform provides an opportunity for many games that would not see the light of day on any other console. Some of these games are amazing, and some of them are terrible flops. Luckily, clock blocks falls solidly into the former category.

He premise of the game is simple: tap the screen to toss a ball from one clock to another in the direction the hands are facing. Then, the clock disappears. Seems simple, right? It becomes more complicated when you realize that you only have 360 degrees to toss the ball. If the hand gets back to it’s starting position, you lose. Also, if you miss the clock you’re shooting for, you lose. This stunningly simple concept has been hard for me to put down long enough to write a review.

The gameplay is intense puzzle solving at it’s best. The timing aspect puts extra pressure to think quickly and anticipate your next move. The rhythm of the clocks varies even within levels, keeping you on your toes while you play and from falling too much into rhythm.

The game features a quest mode (really just set levels you must complete), as well as a survival mode with endless clocks appearing. Quest provides variety, while the survival mode keeps the replay value high. Levels only take a moment, so the game is perfect for short waits on line. All in all, definitely a worthwhile game.