So getting $17k in under 3 min wasn’t enough for you?  This time we’ve got other cheats and tricks to help you complete your GT5 Car collection.

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At Level 22 – get 83k in 5 min

1.) Reach Level 22.

2.) Race in the extreme series using your fastest car.

3.) Wining Rome circuit will net you 83k with five laps completed in five minutes.

4.) Redo for Mo’ Money.

Birthday Car Heist

1.) In GT5 you get  a bonus car on your birthday based on the year you were born.   Example – born in ’87 you get a car from 1987.

2.) Change your birthday on PSN to get your free car. *

3.) Change your birthday day and year and you’ll keep getting free cars.

4.) Stock up, Sell – have fun!

Mo’ Money, Less Problems!  We’ll see how long this lasts.

*Unfortunately this involves creating dummy PSN Accounts with email addresses.

1.) Create a new user profile on Ps3 with a new psn account with with what ever year you want and today’s date.

2.) Start a new game with your new profile. Without even racing you’ll get the car.

3.) Have the new account become friends with your original PSN account and give the car to your original account.

4.) Quit game and delete the saved game you were in.

5.) Start a new with your new account. You’ll get the car again.  Now Give it to your original PSN account again.

B-5 Gold License- Trophy In Just 3 seconds

This might not get you Mo’ Money, but it will help you save time.

When count down, 3,2,1…  press full right and dont put any gas on and you should hit the barrier in the right place.

*Update * Was told this still worked but informed by a reader it was fixed by the last patch.  While some say it still works we tested it hours ago and couldn’t do it.  Might be dead.

Decrease loading times

Easy.  Disable your network while you play offline.  It’ll decrease the load times.