Ah the tragedies of being a PC owner in a gaming world increasingly dominated by game consoles. Now it seems, not only is Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s first downloadable content a console exclusive, the PC won’t be getting any of the planned console DLC.

A post by one of the developers in the official EA Need for Speed forums under the name EASpenser explains Criterion’s postition:

Hey all, unfortunately we will not be releasing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit PDLC for the PC. While we are certainly committed to providing the best possible game experience and ongoing support for our PC community, (as you have already noted) we have a limited amount of resources that makes it so that we are unable to deliver new content to all platforms. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but on the positive side we do have more updates and content on the way for PC players–look for news very soon.

If I played Need for Speed on the PC I wouldn’t be completely discouraged, as the statement seems to hint that the PC will receive DLC of it’s own.


  1. I wouldn’t be spending money on it anyway, but as a PC owner of the game, it’s a bit of a blow. Even with stuff on the way it’s just annoying that we’re treated like we don’t matter.

    At least it’s in 60fps on PC. Suckers.