Earlier today Activision released patch 1.04 to address a myriad of issues plaguing Call of Duty: Black Ops.  While not exclusively for the PS3 (for the Xbox 360 as well)  the Ps3 version had been effected by more serious issues.  Unfortunately, the patch has brought new issues.

There have been more frequent complaints about the game freezing, others have experienced constantly being dropped out of games.  Still others complain of crashes and disconnections.

The effected gamers are primarily PS3 owners and have crashed the Call of Duty Website as they have come to complain in droves.

Read a few Ps3 owners rants.

***UPDATE: Possible Fix, click here***

Activision and developer Treyarch  have been gathering data and are trying to find out what specifically went wrong.

Looks like patch 1.04 isn’t the cure-all many hoped it would be.


  1. Nice work Treyarch, you managed to fuck up the CoD franchise in one swoop. I’m sitting here wondering how they managed to con so many people into buying a laggy revamp of WaW. The graphics of BOs on the PS3 wouldn’t look out of place on a PS2. It seems to me that Treyarch have been scratching their arses for two years thinking of how many pointless stats they can squeeze into their shitty game, in the hope of convincing people this is actually a decent FPS.

    Today they have said there will be another update to fix the problems caused by the 1.04 update; next week they will be releasing a new update to fix the issues caused by the 1.04 update update. These guys are amateurs — You only have to compare the CoDs produced by Treyarch and those produced by Infinity Award to see how useless Treyarch are.

    But let’s not forget that money grabbing arse of a franchise called Activision. Instead of focusing their attentions on the majority of the gaming community by insisting BOs be released only on XBOX, PS3 and PC, they instead decide to launch it on every shitty platform they can think of. Why? To make more money of course.

    Well, they screwed up big time. They’ve let the best developers leave and set up their own company called Respawn Entertainment, who have now teamed up with EA. These guys are going to rape Activision’s sorry ass and make them wish they’d employed some college drop out instead of Josh Olin and his team of retards at FAILARCH. Seriously, West and Zampella must be pissing themselves at this piece of shit you Treyarch calls a game.

    • damn patch made it worse to join friends in party and when u do u get kicked out of game as they join very annoying..more lag two.voice chat still not right.there’s plenty more unfortunately thats wrong

  2. why is every1 so pissed like there mum jus got shot the main reason every1 pissed is because you cant cheat so much in black ops like u could in mw2 haha mine dont lag all the time the way every 1 makin out so stop gettin mad and grow up

  3. I agree with Mike, the game has a disconnect problem but the rest of you sound like a bunch of babies that still need a mama’s tit to keep going in life. I have played plenty of COD games and this by far is a better game with hardley no lag. I do get frustrated when trying to play with friends and we keep getting kicked from each other and then can’t re join. Some of the stuff people worry about on this game doesnt even effect me and I’m about to prestige to level 4! people who notice this inate stuff has way to much time on their hands and pretty much has no life. It’s more of a ps3 networking error then the game itself and that’s what we get for not paying for the online play.

    peace out and see you guys on the end of my barrel!

    • to BrealNdak,
      u say that people who notice this stuff have way too much time on their hands and virtually no life? r u fuckin serious? you r about to prestige 4 and u want to say other people have no lives? u r the one without a life. and your a fag!

    • Are you stupid? the only one that has way to much time on their hands is people like you who make the “no life statement”. It’s people that have a life that complain because they don’t have all the time in the world to keep restarting their ps3 because it freezes while loading a map, or getting kicked out of your friends party and getting sent to different lobbys.And not to mention the laggy (quick join/invite) friend system they tried to implement… i can’t even send a quick message without lagging as I type it. Don’t get me a wrong it was a nice idea, but this stupid shortcut causes more problems then it solves… And as for you Mike… get some friends and try to enjoy a few games with them… let see how your outlook on this shit ends up to be after.

        • only thing i understood about your sentence was dumb and fuck. congratulations that is definitely a good start, even after spell check. Now you are a, how do you put it? “dumb fuck” because people have the right to complain when something is not working as it should.. specially if they pay for it. Now do me a favor and go play your game..


  5. my ps3 freezes almost every game. 1st is the sound. 2nd laggin. 3rd freez. ive had NAT type2 so i went to the shop and ive bought modem extension kit. now my NAT is open but still cant play the game because of freezin issues. and even if i get to play the whole game soon after ive to restart the console by holdin power button and then cd eject because thats the only way to avoid usin power switch on the back of ps3. its being goin on for about ten days and none of these have ever helped: tip for u guys is : MODERN WARFARE 2 works just fine.

  6. the more i play the game the more i hate treyarch who obviously doesn’t know what the hell they are doing. it’s not about being a baby guys. i just want my money’s worth. the patch already made the bad worse. the game’s unplayable which is unacceptable. treyarch, get your @#$% together. they don’t care about ps3 gamers.

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